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Salpizo Publications​

Salpizo Publications launched in the spring of 2020. Howard and Jonathan Lawler founded this venture to provide materials that focus on church health and cultural engagement. We seek to help church members (especially leaders) address challenging issues in a biblically faithful way.

The Greek word “salpizo” means “to sound the trumpet.” People in the Ancient Near East used trumpets to signal troops, gather flocks, and honor royalty. In the Bible (in the Septuagint version of the Old Testament and the New Testament) trumpets mustered soldiers for battle, summoned worshipers, called people to prayer, and honored God as King above all kings. We chose the name for our imprint because God calls worshipers to engage in benevolent battle in his name. This imprint is a signal corps and a supply depot.   

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Howard Lawler


Rev. Howard Lawler is married with two children and has three grandchildren. He has a master’s degree in theological studies from Wheaton Graduate School. His 38 years in the pastorate include being senior pastor of four churches. The average weekly attendance of those churches spans 30 to 1,600 people. He has served on a denominational board, ministered as an interim pastor, and has done multiple foreign mission trips. He is a student of culture and its influence on the church. He especially enjoys music, history, hiking, and hockey.

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Jonathan Lawler


Jonathan Lawler is a historian and archivist. He holds a master’s degree in archives from New York University and a master’s degree in ministry from Northwest University. He studies theology, history, economics, and political philosophy. Jonathan is married with three children and enjoys kayaking, international travel, and reading. Encouraging the church to fulfill the Great Commission through effective cultural engagement is a passion of his.

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