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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Holiday specials and elevator music say so every December. Many people agree but others groan. Some get angry because hardship has overwhelmed the holiday. Rev. Howard Lawler has shepherded many people through adversities and has faced his own - even at Christmastime. Christmas and the Real World displays scenes of hardship from the nativity passages as settings for God's truth and grace. December is the most wonderful time of the year... for some. Jesus came for all. 


Ministry Matters

A Trail Guide for Church Ministry invites you on a thru-hike of gospel fundamentals led by a seasoned pastor. The author’s own proverbs serve as stepping-off points in each section and summarize lessons learned in decades of church ministry. Pitfalls are noted and progress promoted, primarily through meditation on God’s inspired Scripture. Pastor Lawler also points to truth gleaned from many wise authors, past and present. Come survey the glorious gospel landscape, gain God-centered perspective, and serve our ultimate purpose!    


Better Talk

Politicians and pundits often say that we “need to have a conversation about” social justice. We need better conversations that do more than skim the surface with slogans and simplistic notions. This book provides Bible based help. It spotlights passages people neglect or pluck from context. American history lessons and the author’s urban childhood stories play supporting roles. The readings only take about five minutes each but the questions which follow promote reflection and discussion. Do not stay on the surface of scripture and social justice – go deeper.


The Most Neglected Prayer

Up for a challenge?  Take a pass on thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail and pick up this book. The journey will take less time but reaches to eternity. The Corporate Prayer Challenge is a 30-day reading adventure focused on prayer by the gathered church. Pastor Lawler roots his arguments in careful examination of the Bible. He also confesses ministry mistakes, calls for repentance, and uses dashes of humor to help the medicine go down. The book combines careful analysis and practical advice. The author is not a miracle worker and does not promise mature corporate prayer in just one month. He does invite you take a few minutes a day to kickstart an ongoing prayer journey. The destination is greater health, joy, and ministry effectiveness – all to the glory of God. Come along!

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